Dorm Leader, Boss, God.

An unusual young girl with cat ears who looks after Dorm No. 2 which Kanako Miyamae is assigned to. She is addressed as "Miss Dorm Leader" by all the students.

When Kanako Miyamae met her, and tried to make small talk and ask casual questions Dorm Leader looped back to the first question to say that she might also be addressed as 'Boss' or 'God'. Kanako Miyamae took this as a hint to ask no more questions. The students do not dare disobey her for fear of vague, yet frightening threats.

She has a pet dog, Yonakuni, who helps her take care of the place. Her rule of the dorm extends to manhandling Father Kanae after repeatedly demanding bribes so that he can see Kanako. She has an idiosyncratic speech pattern which makes her speak in a rather languid fashion and insert the phrase 'desu yo' wherever grammatically possible.

Whenever seen in the anime alone with Yonakuni, the Dorm Leader can be seen regularly singing disturbing songs about the act of devouring meat, or other strange subjects.