Kanako Miyamae is the protagonist of the story. She is a second year high school transfer student to Ame no Kisaki, a Catholic-based all girls academy.

Kanako has an inherent fear of men which began in elementary school when a piece of her recorder and P.E. uniform were stolen. When coming into physical contact with any man, she instantaneously breaks out in hives. This has significantly contributed to her fear of boys.

Kanako is almost solely interested in girls in regards to her ideal romantic relationships. She instantly and constantly suffers from nosebleeds—a visible indication of sexual perverseness frequently used in anime and manga. She transferred to Ame no Kisaki to look for her one true love. Kanako often begins her reflections on her situation with the phrase, "Dear mother in heaven."

Kanako is also quite tall (standing at 175 cm), making her height (and her weight) emotional weak spots. She also takes constant verbal abuse from Mariya Shidou and his maid, Matsurika Shinoji. She is often called a 'pervert', or 'lesbian', or other nicknames they happen to give her. Her birthday is in August 31st, known to be a Virgo. Height is 173cm-175cm. Her blood type is AB. Kanako absolutely detests men, and will proceed to break out in hives if one happens to touch her. It's interesting to note that when Kanako first met Mariya, she broke out in hives, although hives are a psychological effect. An error, perhaps.

Kanako is quick to fantasize about her classmates, and is viewed as a pervert by both Mariya and Matsurika.

Kanako fears Mariya, although she still finds him quite attractive, judging by the amount of times she has nosebleeds when he's around. She has two friends at the school, Sachi Momoi and Yuzuru Inamori. She has attempted to become friends with Nanami Kiri, but, until now, her efforts have been in vain.


  • In episode eleven, Kanako mentioned that she had both "a useless older sister" and "a sweet younger sister".
  • In episode 12 Kanako pretended to drown just so the hot swim coach could give her CPR. She seemed to enjoy the chest compressions the most since her boobs were being pressed.