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This wiki is dedicated to covering all topics relating to Maria+Holic (まりあ†ほりっく Maria†Horikku) the 2006 manga by Minari Endō. No matter what you are looking for about the manga or any other adaptation, if it's official and directly related to them, you should be able to find it here. If not, feel free to add it to the site!

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The series follows high school student Kanako Miyamae, who's scared of boys and breaks out in hives if a boy touches her. During her sophomore year in high school, she enrolls in an all-girls school, hoping to find a female romantic partner, but her ideal partner, Mariya Shidou, turns out to be a cruel cross-dressing boy.

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  • One Peace Books has all Volume 7 – 14 and Special Omnibus edition of Maria+Holic!


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