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Mariya Shidō (祇堂 鞠也 Shidō Mariya) is the deuteragonist of the story. He is the older twin brother of Shizu Shidou who is acting in her place with her name, and he dresses in her choice of clothes while he attends Ame no Kisaki as a girl means to win the chairmanship of both the all-male and female schools, both of which once had his late grandmother as chairman.


Mariya Shidou

Mariya's full body and facial expressions

Mariya has long blonde hair that reaches the middle of his back. He wears it in two pigtails, and the ends of his bangs reach the top of his chest. He has amber-colored eyes and a mole underneath his right eye. Mariya is of average height.

Throughout the series, he wears the school's uniform.


Having excellent intuition, Mariya asks Kanako Miyamae if she has a boyfriend and inferring what he suspects from her response, he proceeds to kiss her tenderly on the cheek. Mariya acts as a good friend offering to show Kanako around school. He behaves as if nothing is out of the ordinary when Matsurika Shinōji is somewhat aggressively squeezing a corset around him, and is also unconcerned that Kanako has seen him having his fake breasts added at the all girls school. He responds to Kanako's claims that men are dirty and scary by instructing her to look at him, stating that he is this pretty and cute. His threat for if this sensitive information becomes exposed is that he will attempt to frame Kanako for sexually assaulting his maid, as well as further measures against Kanako, to ensure that he will not get kicked out of the school.


Mariya deeply respects and loves his grandmother and does not care about actually winning chairmanship. He simply wishes to honor his grandmother's request. He appears to genuinely care about others though this facade is often hidden through some excuse he has crafted for himself.

When Kanako Miyamae first meets Mariya, she is instantly attracted to his playful femininity and kind attitude. He often teases Kanako by playing with his long blonde hair, speaking in a soft voice, and smiling sweetly. However, Mariya turns out to be quite sadistic in nature and generally adjusts his personality to reflect whatever situation he is in. Mariya's beauty and feminine gestures are so convincing that the entire school, including the faculty, have no idea of his true sex.

Mariya is quite short, reaching at most up to the height at the tip of Kanako's nose and shorter than Matsurika Shinōji. Because of the switching with his sister, his original name was Shizu instead.

At first glance, a seemingly kind, and selfless student, Mariya's true personality could not be further from that. A cunning, and incredibly sadistic boy who enjoys nothing more than torturing Kanako, or his twin sister Shizu, although he claims the treatment of the latter is because of his love for her.

Mariya attends the prestigious Ame no Kisaki Catholic girl's school, due to a rather silly bet thought up by the previous head of the school, who in actual fact is Mariya's grandmother who he deeply cares for, and holds in high esteem. Mariya keeps a rosary she once owned as a memento. The bet in question is that Mariya, and his twin sister each attend schools for the opposite gender, and if they can stick that out for three years, the winner shall become head of both schools. There is a catch, and that must be that nobody can find out their true gender. When Shizu comments that Kanako knew his gender, Mariya finds a loophole.

He is usually accompanied by his blunt and passive maid Matsurika, who helps him with putting his image together, including tying up his corset.


  • The name Mariya means "ball" (鞠) (mari) and "to be, also" (也) (ya).
  • Mariya's surname Shidō means "national or local god, peaceful, great" (祇) (shi) and "hall" (堂) ().


  • Mariya's birthday is on March 3rd and his Zodiac sign is Pisces.
  • Mariya's height is precisely 160.0 cm and his blood type is A.
  • Although Maria and Shizu Shidō are twins, they were born on different days with:
    • Mariya yearning before midnight
    • Shizu yearning after midnight
  • Mariya is about 3 millimeters shorter than his younger sister.


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