Sachi Momoi

Sachi Momoi

A bright and cheerful girl, Sachi Momoi quickly becomes friends with the newcomer, Kanako Miyamae.

She has orange hair, commonly tied in pigtails. She is good friends with Yuzuru Inamori. She seems to have access to hammer space, as she pulls numerous things out from her pockets, even things that would not fit.

She also later becomes good friends with Kiri Nanami. Birthday: July 27
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 42 kg
Blood type: O

Sachi is one of Kanako’s classmates at Ame no Kisaki. She is very chirpy and friendly, with a very optimistic outlook on life. She likes to make friends and has a particular fondness for all things sweet, from candy and snacks to pudding.