Tōichirō Kanae is the priest of the school Ame no Kisaki. He is the teacher for Modern Japanese and is very popular among the students because of his good looks. He gets a crush on every beautiful girl he sees and is currently "in love" with MariyaMatsurikaMaki, and Ayari. He seems to be concerned about Kanako because of her strange behavior in his eyes. She is also the only one who failed in the Modern Japanese exams. Because of Mariya making up a story about how Kanako's elder brother died and that he resembles her brother, he desperately wants to help her. He is similar to Kanako because he begins his sentences sometimes with "Dear maman in heaven..." (maman is French for mum) and is also prone to having long internal monologues (and generally looking too deeply into the most trivial of matters) and occasionally, fantasies. He also thinks much about what a person could mean when he or she is saying something. Another similarity between Kanako and him is also that they both like beautiful girls. He is half-French.